still figuring out what i wanna do with this part. maybe friends for now?



3/14/23: decided to update my about page from the ugly craziness that it was to a layout i found on tumblr. thanks tumblr!


i'm carribean american on my dad's side, st. lucian to be exact, and extremely white on my mom's side. i'm from new york (not the city, but i like to say i'm from brooklyn given how much i've been there) and enjoy spooky scary shit. i'm very queer. i'm genderqueer, transmasc, and biromantic aceflux. and whatever.

i'd say i'm an okay dude. fun to talk to, hang out with. pretty smart too.


god i have so many. i could go off on a long tangent. okay well, old hollywood and just old shit in general are my main favourites, especially the 1910s-1980s. i have an affinity for the 90s and 00s as well, which is why this site exists in the first place! abandoned places, cryptozoology, strange, familiar areas.. blah blah blah

i attempted to put them in a rentry once if you wanna go see that.

the best bet you have in learning what i like is to text me or shoot me an email somewhere. maybe drop a question on my guestbook or something. i wouldn't be able to reply there.. it was a shameless plug.


i'll figure out what to put here ?? i guess you can have stamps for now